Wolfstar Campaign Logs

Below is a list of the session notes for the current Wolfstar campaign. The list is a work in process that I hope to keep reasonably up-to-date as the campaign continues. Because I’m running this game, I find it more difficult to keep coherent narrative notes of each session, so the following generally take the form of a list of important events. If any players think I’ve missed something vital then please let me know.

The Last Days of Oerth

  • Session 1 [20/05/2015]
  • Session 2 [03/06/2015]
  • Session 3 [17/06/2015]
  • Session 4 [15/07/2015]


  • Session 3½ [01/07/2015]

Wolfstar Rising

  • Session 5 [21/10/2015]
  • Session 6 [18/11/2015]

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