Prophet and Loss Campaign

Prophet and Loss is the eighth campaign set on Iourn. It began back in 2011 but has been on hiatus for the best part of a year. In March 2013 (or thereabouts) the game resumes under the Pathfinder: New Deal rules. As it’s been so long since we last played, and as the Iourn site is still in the middle of a face-lift, I’m posting a large amount of information about the campaign here on the blog. Hopefully, this will be enough to jog the memory of those who will be playing the game, as well as entertain the rest of you.


A Brief History of Lareth
The Religions of Lareth
Gazetteer of Lareth


Session 01: 20/10/2010
Session 02: 17/11/2010 [new!]


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