About this blog

The Walk Between Worlds is a blog about the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. I use it as a discussion forum where I can present a topic that I think needs to be addressed, and my players can add their comments. Over the last few years we’ve discussed the fourth edition of D&D, the Pathfinder roleplaying game and I’ve even tried to get a totally new version of D&D off the ground. All of this filtered through the lens of my Iourn campaign setting.

Although I’m sure the focus of the blog may change in the future, these are the topics that I currently post under:

Pathfinder: the New Deal: This is my attempt to excise all of the house rules that I’ve been adding to third edition D&D since the came made its debut in 2000. The New Deal posts are intended to apply the core Pathfinder rules to Iourn with as few changes as possible.

D&D Next: These posts chronicle our ongoing playtest of the new 5th edition D&D rules. Wizards of the Coast have been releasing playtest packets on an almost monthly basis, and I’m quite excited by the direction of the new edition of the game.

Conversion Catalogue: Coming soon, I’ll be using the blog to present my conversions of selected third and fourth edition game elements into the Pathfinder rules. This is partially driven by my need to support certain spells, feats or classes from earlier editions in Pathfinder.

Prophet and Loss Campaign: Details of my currently weekly D&D campaign.

Although this blog is largely intended for the small audience of myself and those who play in my games, any one is welcome to join in with the discussions. Eventually I hope the worthwhile material on this blog can be properly indexed and moved over to the Iourn website. In the meantime you can use the pages to access a limited index of this blog’s contents.


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