Karris’Mhor – Session 126

Players: Malcolm Campbell (Baron Faith), Neil McClean (Maia), Neil Simpson (Quarlius)
Date: 10 June 2015

Phiksday, 19th of The Settling 1083 PS

The meeting with DeMonton has been eye-opening. What are they going to do. It seems Faith has returned them to the city at the worst possible time. Maia says that it would take six days across the swamp to get from Karris’Mhor to Tradetown – the nearest point at which they could teleport back to Tel’Nix. One the Ia army breaks through at Holdenguard it would take them ten days to march south to Tradetown, so there is still time to save Chu’nire. Of course, both Maia and Quarlius can fly, so the journey across the swamp shouldn’t take anywhere near that long.

Quarlius asks Elevarr he can come and see her again. She thinks this is a bit creepy, but agrees.

Maia is completely torn about what to do next. She plots drugging Faith and carrying him out of the city so that he misses the trial. Would that be wrong? Quarlius says he isn’t that invested in Karris’Mhor, so he isn’t really bothered.

Meanwhile Faith is back with Corporal DeLord trying to get the spell-plagued to help him cross no-man’s land to the Isle of Cross. The place is filled with the infected. He has to get to Cross to get a good character witness and prove his innocence.

Following Maia’s mission – the temples of Venta have pulled together. Now they are called the Eastern and Western Orthodox churches. Maia takes the time to visit High Sword Bretaine. He wants to know everything that we know. The discussion takes some time. Maia is entirely conflicted. Is it worth it? Were we duped? The little people wouldn’t have noticed if Fate had succeeded.

Bretaine confirms that Moradin hasn’t come with us into this brave new world. He’s stayed behind to cover us. Venta is now pretending to be Moradin. She grants power to the dwarves. Maia prays to her god, but the one-on-one rapport that she used to enjoy before the breaking of the cap has gone. Maia cynically believes that now she has done what Venta wanted the goddess no longer has to lavish any time on her. She feels used.

Zethusday, 20th of The Settling 1083 PS

Faith muses about what to do about his trial. Who are his allies? Could he call Croxam back to be the judge of his trial? What about Talkaria? As a dracolich she can’t be queen any more. Cross and Croxam are the only surviving Keys.

Faith is being held in the Temple of Justice. Maia and Quarlius head in to visit him. After much discussions, there’s a timid knock at the door. A dwarf in a neutral grey hooded robe enters. A priest of Trollick Katarn the Living Gateway. She has octagonal symbols on her. She doesn’t move like a dwarf…

“Can we help you?” asks Quarlius. She nods and offers a disc to Quarlius. He takes it, it is an octaginal adamantine rune… it is the rune of Trust. Faith takes it and pockets it. Good grief. She looks over all us, not knowing whether she can trust us. Maia asks what she wants in dwarven. The girls looks at Maia and puts the psionic whammy on her. She is in Maia’s mind. Maia can’t resist.

She says that she is “I am Brela of the Borodin”. The Borodin are the first family of the duergar, the Lost. She is one of the Children of Brokengeld. The surviving dwarves of that place, who now serve the shardminds and the warforged. They made the Scriverner’s Pearl. Maia asks Brela to contact the minds of everyone.

They are making up for the torture of the Living Gate at the hands of their parents – the dwarves of Brokengeld. She is there to tell us Krollick-Tarash has risen again. He has come back into his full might. The shardminds have been called home to him. His warforged children still dwell the halls of Brokengeld.

She brings us knowledge… about Karris’Mhor. This is where the Far Realm was breached, this was the snapping point when the worlds were separated. Krollick Katarn holds the world, the universe in his hands. This is where the breach occurred, and this is where they have come through: three Lords of Madness.

What this now? More horror to deal with? Tell on!

Each Lord of Madness is unique. They are all Aberrations from the Far Realm, but different from their kind. One in Baron’s Folly leads the illithids. It is biding its forces until its enemies are over-extended. One worships the Great Mother (beholder), but we don’t know which one. The last was more beastial in nature… and was a child of slaad, but that was the one that consumed by the dragon.

Krollick Katarn can deal with this situation himself. He can destroy all three Lords of Madness… but we don’t want that. He would be a little too thorough and Karris’Mhor would not survive. Indeed, there would be little left of the swamp. Brela says that she wants to speak to the Alderman – the nominal head of the followers of the Elder Gods in Karris’Mhor. Since the breaking of the cap the Elder Gods have been reborn, and the servants of those gods (like Chu’nire, Maia realises) have been given magical powers. Brela sits cross-legged in the corner and waits.

Brela sits in the corner and waits.

This is a serious matter. The assault against these creatures needs to be coordinated. We need to talk to DeMonton. What powerful allies do we have? What about Kramen, Maia suggests? They would need to fly to Tradetown – a day and a half, and from there to teleport to Kramen to the Chasm Lands. Quarlius suggests that Kramen is in no condition to help them. Faith says that DuSarr and the Church of Asmodeus has power. Quarlius and Faith think that the only alternative is to go and see Cross.

Maia and Quarlius go and stay in the Explorer’s Society. We have to lever off the boards to get in. We need to work out if Akartz is alive. If he is then we need to act. We can’t afford for Cross to throw his support behind Akartz if Faith stands down or is found guilty at his trial. We can’t scry, so we go to the Temple of Moradin.

Brinnik Sond casts the spell for us, and we see an image of a dragonborn on one knee bowing to a creature that looks initially illithid, but its head seems more squidy than octopus-like. One of the tentacles is slowly going through Akartz’s head, caressing his brain from the inside. Could this Lord of Madness want to use Akartz to rule Karris’Mhor?

Quarlius casts Limited Wish to make sure he is grounded, then he uses Hostile Juxtaposition to summon Akartz. The spell goes awry and Akatrz is ripped between the near ethereal and the feywild, before being sent somewhere else. We look back in the scrying pool… he’s in an abandoned army camp site, up to his nipples in mud. He is extremely pleased, thankful, praising the heavens that he has escaped.

So we try and get him again. We splinch him between the shadowfell and the near etheral. Then plinch him close to the feywild, the near ethereal, the shadowfell…. we believe that we’ve killed Akartz…

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