Karris’Mhor – Session 124

Players: Malcolm Campbell (Baron Faith), Neil McClean (Maia), Neil Simpson (Quarlius)
Date: 24 September 2015

Ventasday, 17th of The Settling 1083 PS

Getting though the laser web shouldn’t be too hard. Prolonged high temperatures would do it in, remove disease might displace it says Quarlius. Quarlius, Faith and Maia use earth-glide to go under the web of Ia, emerging on the the other side and an ooze drops down from the ceiling to engulf Faith. He really does seen to have an affinity for these things. He runs off toward the fountain into another ooze. Maia captures the first ooze in a bottle, while Faith is engulfed.

We wait until Faith escapes via teleport and then Quarlius and Maia, then we head back via earth-glide with the captured grey ooze. Faith is significantly off target but eventually we all rendezvous at the newly set up lab. Valeneira is in charge of the lab… she’s very accomplished.

Qualrius studies the area to make it easier to teleport back here. We’re not going to be able to take the cure with us tomorrow, so we could and should leave immediately. Karris’Mhor is beckoning. Ethelbede commander of the SwiftFeather agrees to take us back to the ethereal city at Tel’Nix. We intend to stop above the tower, and then go and see Coronal Haestus Or’Bethranyl.

Thothsday, 18th of The Settling 1083 PS

At the tower, we’re met by a servant girl (Ella) dressed in yellow – marking her as a member of the houses of creation. She is also the coronal’s niece. We are shown into some swish apartments, filled with sculptures and clockwork, statues and painting. We have to wait a few hours to see the coronal so Maia pops out to see if her recent research has borne fruit.

She wasn’t entirely idle during the three weeks of Quarlius’s training. Maia has grown quite attached to the huldran, Siobhan, and she wants to do all she can to help her. At present Siobhan is devoid of any joy or emotion or passion. Maia wants to help her regain that. She wants to find out what it takes for a huldra to become a dryad again. Fortunately the libraries of Tel’Nix have provided her with the answer! In order to become a dryad again Siobhan needs to join with an unclaimed heart-tree. She’d need to find a germeating seedling and get her to bond with this. Need to look in a sylvan wood where there has been a great deal of fighting… such as Tel-Silva.

Maia can’t wait to give Siobhan the news. She returns just in time for the audience with the coronal.

The trio thank the coronal for his help and explain what has happened regarding the disease. We ask for the use of a crystal ball to get in touch with our friends and find out what his happened to the diseased army marching down on Holdenguard. Faith wants to get a flying boat in order to make a great impression in Karris’Mhor. The coronal is happy to help with the former, but not with the latter.

We are escourted upstairs by two members of the coronal guard to a room in which there is a pedestal and an amethyst crystal ball wrapped in a gold filigree cage. Faith tries to contact the head of his secret service… but he can’t get through. The man could be dead! He worries what has happened in Karris’Mhor.

Maia’s priority is to try and get through to Chu’nire. This fortunately is possible. A scene appears in the clouded ball. The image of vase outdoor square appears. There is a heavy blizzard, with mud and sleet everywhere. This is not Holdenguard, Maia isn’t sure where it is. Chu’nire is there, and she is talking with Guy. The tiefling is dressed in warm clothes, but fairly worn. As is Guy. They are both standing close to one of the wagons that we travelled to Brokengeld in..

Maia makes telepathic contact. She thinks Chu’nire is pleased to hear from her. Chu’nire says that things are going badly, but she not in any immediate in danger. The main threats they face are poverty, war, and rationing – not death at the hands of an evil army. She is in a refugee camp outside of Tradetown. She tells us that she has heard reports of a massive explosion at Karris’Mhor, and plaguefires throughout the city. However, there are conflicting stories about what happened there. Some say that plaguefire has transformed the inhabitants of the city into monsters.

U’Shan Tiger’s Eye of the shifters is with his people in the northern camp, between Tradetown and Holdenguard. The bridge has been destroyed at Holdenguard so Akartz’s army is being held there. The eidon (four armed potent magic users) are on Akartz’s side, but at present they are being held on the other side of the bridge. Maia wants to go there immediately and bring her friend to safety, but Chu’nire says that she is as safe as she can be and that Maia must have other priorities.

Quarlius tries to contact Elysia. The crystal ball shows an image of the ambassadorial quarters at the palace in Braedan as well as a pregnant Elysia. She says that the teleportation circle in Braedan exploded, which caused terrible problems. Maia suggests that should leave Quarlius and Elysia alone together in order to have ‘crystal ball sex’. She’s sure that’s a thing. She and Faith leave the room.

Elysia says that Braxa have done very well in the war. They’ve defeated Tel’Silva with a smaller part of their army, while the larger part has complete defeated Coerdos. Something has happened in Braxa’s overseas territory. Elysia says that Karris’Mhor has suffered a lot and she hasn’t heard from her father in a while. Tel’Silva is half the size it once was. The Sylvan capital just held out against the Braxans, but they unconditionally surrendered. Then the Walking Gods Braxus and Cessidus turned up. They walked off Thellenia. The captured archmages are imprisoned… Elysia says that she wants Quarlius back, but understands if there are more pressing matters. He tells her about the army bearing down on Karris’Mhor. As soon as the conversation is over Maia comes back in (she was listening at the door to the whole thing).

Maia used the crystal ball to contact Prince Kramen, but it seems to be on the fritz. Instead of revealing an image, an eight foot tall blue fiery being appears in the room before us. It curses Maia and her hand erupts in blue flame. Maia thinks that it was actually Kramen. The blue flame is eerily familiar to spellfire/raw magic. Kramen has the spellplague! Oh dear. Come to think of it, his tomb was right on top of a dimensional portal, he seems to be writhing in eternal agony. He is now a being of pure magic. We can’t count on his army to help us anymore against Akartz’s army. And who will be the new ruler of Karris’Mhor now?

The mark on Maia’s hand is magical. We go downstairs and explain all this (except the destruction of the crystal ball) to the coronet. He summons all the big brains in the council. Britta, Shanreei and Rhuln. Britta says that this is not her forté (she seems to say that a lot). From her augury Shanree says that Maia had been cursed… it’s a curse and a disease at the same time. Kramen can remove it. It may develop as a consumptive disease… but it seems unlikely that Maia will feel its affects until her. This is the spellplague. A cure needs to be found. Swell.

The source of spell plague is a physical object that is located in our plane somewhere. It needs to be a large (building sized) object. Like the royal palace in Karris’Mhor which Chu’nire said is reportedly floating above citu. Destroying it would stop the situation from getting any worse, but wouldn’t cure anyone who already has it. Maia put her condition to the back of her mind. Surely the priority needs to be the chaos that has been unleashed on the world. Especially the army being controlled by the Ia.

Holdenguard is under siege and without Kramen there is no force that can relieve it. The only hope is that the cure can be created quickly enough to be distributed. Once the cure is in place the army of barbarians serving the Ia can be cured and the whole thing will fizzle out. Maia appeals to the coronet for aid. Can he send his air ships to relieve Holdenguard? The elves are not keen to commit themselves to war. Why should they? Maia’s opinion that it’s simply “the right thing to do” doesn’t butter any parsnips.

After all the news of the afternoon, Faith is desperate to return to his city. He is tired of discussing things and teleports Maia and Quarlius directly to the castle in Karris’Mhor. They try to resist but his magic is too strong.

But we don’t appear in the royal palace. At the centre of the squares of hopes and dreams in the Temple District. All of the secret city is hovering above us, underlit by an eerie blue glow. A number of priests and temple guards rush toward us, dressed in colours of temple of Asmodeus. One of them is Secretary Dusarr, he has a scar on top of his head.

Maia is furious with Faith for dragging them away and leaving Siobhan behind.

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