Karris’Mhor – Session 123

Players: Malcolm Campbell (Baron Faith), Neil McClean (Maia), Neil Simpson (Quarlius)
Date: 3 September 2014

Ventasday, 17th of The Settling

For three weeks Quarlius has been training with the sword-version of Thraelian, and then training with the fey knights. He has now joined this order. His duty is to make sure the Unseelie don’t get out of hand. His uniform of choice is imposign black plate armour with a featureless helm. When donned he looks the chief henchman of a force of unspeakable evil. Sort of like a death knight, but with less of the death. Quarlius is not fond of the comparison. The elves give Quarlius a set of black plate if he wants to enchant or wear it.

The good news is that Magic has returned to the world, and both Maia and Faith are getting used to their new powers and abilities. Maia seems largely unchanged in her genasi self, although the way she draws upon magical power to produce other effects seems both more powerful and more limited. Faith isn’t sure where he is, having been transformed so many times over recent months. He’s fairly sure he’s a spellcaster again, though.

The bad news is that much of our equipment did not survive the change between worlds. Almost all our magical paraphenalia has been disjoined. Only the Sword of Venta and the Godsblood Armour have survived for Maia, but she doesn’t mind that too much. She sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to kill things and steal their magic items. Rather more annoying is that all the party’s collected wealth is also gone. Such is life.

With magic restored, the magical portals around Tel’Nix are also working now. We are summoned to the harbour, and travel there by entering a portal on the edge of the city into a pocket dimension in the ethereal plane. Here we see an elven armada of flying shops – some 60-70 vessels are floating here. We head over to an aircraft carrier, that carries flitters (10-15), then there are arrow-wings (cruisers) and small men-o-war: this is the same size as a caravel. It has huge sail-like wings and a prow with two ballista and a catapult on the rear. An eladrin walks out in “jaunty” dress. A blue uniform, mucho braid. He is fleet captain: Captain Treyermer of Morwyr’Guile.

The Captain is to escourt us to the forward forces at Icewall. We can feel the frisson of magic about the ship. The captain speaks into a speaking tube and commands the “mage” to make way to Antarres. We’re warned about the temperature. It’s -30°C there. Maia shifts to her Fire and Air manifestation. This gives her immunity to the Ia virus and the ability to stand on deck in a bikini while everyone else is freezing to death.

A little while later, the ship arrives at Icewall. Lady Elithia, Fey Knight, Order of the Dragon (the Icewall Maiden) comes out to meet us. We are issued with potions of protection against fire, and three barrels of ten swords. Each has minor enchantment and can be used to attack the remorhazz as any other sword short of an artefact will be destroyed. We each three cure serious wounds, and five cure moderate wounds potions each. We have 30 enchanted swords. Maia is fairly sure that her sword won’t be affected. After all, it is Venta-blessed.

Faith plots to bring Siobhan in and give her to the remorhazz. One of the guards worries that Maia isn’t sufficiently armoured. She takes his shield and surfs off down the tunnel. Faith follows. We crash comically.

Inside Maia and Quarlius can hear more than 5 creatures. The babies have grown up! Large remorhazs are moving beneath the floor. Faith makes a statement. A remorhazz rises out of the floor and launches itself at us. Then six more attack. Faith is badly wounded. Maia despatches the first one with awesome tread. Faith hastes everyone and retreats down the passage to summon something. Quarlius vomits up some acid breath, wounding them all. Maia kills a second one. Still two on her.

Meanwhile, six more enter the room and queue up to eat Maia and Quarlius. Faith conjures a huge (greater) earth elemental, it falls down immediately and slides to the combat. But it gets stuck and Faith successfully blocks the tunnel. Maia takes down a third Remorhazz. More acid from Quarlius takes down the three nearest to him and injures another three.

Then four more arrive. Maia gets mullared by her opponents. Faith dismisses the Earth elemental and summons a water elemental to replace it. It attacks one of the two attacking Maia. She transdimensionally assaults and attacks eight at random locations around the chamber. She manages to kill two of them – total five dead for Maia. She likes to keep score.

More acid from Quarlius over the ones Maia has wounded brings down another four. That just leaves four left! Until a further ten enter the chamber…

The water elemental kills one of them, and is then consumed by fire. So Faith summons a bone devil and sends that in to attack. Baron Faith has the nicest friends! With the odds rising with each passing moment, it’s time to lure them out! They certainly seem cross enough now. Maia teleports to the exit and goads them to follow her (largely unnecessary). Quarlius uses his acid power (kills two more) then teleports to Maia and Faith.

Then another ten enter the room and surge forward toward us. They attack Quarlius and Maia, who disengage and head to the exit. The first the elves outside see of us, we’re sauntering out, drinking healing potions.

Outside the hole. A crusier and another warship has appeared, hovering in the stay. Catapults and ballista pointing in the area. 40 remorhaz boil up behind us as we stroll to safety. The catapults and ballista are energy enchanted and they unleash a terrible bombardment that kills all of the creatures. The remorhaz menace is at an end.

A little while later, we enter Icewall as a group of 100. The eladrin set up an encampment and a lab. We show them to the shaft where Maia nearly died (of course she can just fly up it now). We are given a glass jar and sent off to collect an ooze. We head up the cliff and near the fountain, and then Faith walks into an invisible acidic web. A glitterdust spell from Faith reveals an oozing web that is connecting all these hands that are trying to reach for us. That is connected to all those hands that are reaching out from the frozen walls. The hands of the infected elves imprisoned here..

Maia attacks it with fire, and it jumps out and envelopes Maia in a cob-webby thing. Maia tries to burn it, but it manages to dodge out of the way. Quarlius casts burning hands on Maia, but the web continues to dissolve Maia. Faith vomits up some acid on Maia, and she drops a ground zero fireball on herself. Quarlis casts remove disease and it leaps off her and forms a web between these creatures. Another remove disease spell drives it away. Maia thanks Quarlius. Obviously being immune to catching the disease isn’t going to stop it trying to kill her!

We need to get through the webbing so we can reach the oozes on the other side. Maia proposes back-flipping like an acrobatic cat-burglar through the web. If she touches it her immunity should help, then all she needs to do is grab an ooze and teleport back.

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