Karris’Mhor – Session 120

Players: Malcolm Campbell (Baron Faith), Neil McClean (Maia), Neil Simpson (Quarlius)
Date: 23 July 2014

22 Stormwrack 1083 PS

It is the end. The destruction of the entire world. A terrible howling scream tells of the final defeat of the Queen of Air and Darkness. She realises Moradin’s plan too late. Faith, Quarlius and Maia stand in the eye of the storm, as a broiling jumble of reality whirls around them. Magic is profoundly altered, and a spell plague rolls across the Feywild. Fortunately our heroes resist its effects.

A funnel opens in the ground, giving a glimpse of all the horror and majesty of Moradin’s new creation. Sights that mortal minds were not meant to see and cannot comprehend. Maia and Quarlius fall unconscious and tumble into the breach. Faith manages to hold on, and reaches out to grab his companions. He cannot hold them and they drag him into the vortex. He is awake for the journey through the dimensions, his mind naked and exposed. Eventually he blacks out, but not before he has already seen too much.

Time passes. Quarlius and Maia wake up at at much the same moment. Faith is clinging to Quarlius like a child. The pair are awake in in an icy, snowy plain with a pink sky and twinkling stars. Quarlius shrugs off Faith, and Maia wakes him with some gentle kicking.

Quarlius thinks he can see a spire in the very distant horizon. The baron, dragging himself awake, believes that he knows where they are. The trip to the vortex has left him with half-memories of many places he has never visited or even heard off. This, Faith thinks, is the the realm Tel’Nix. It’s an elven realm. That would mean that the trio have returned from to the right planet, but are far away from Karris’Mhor on the continent of Anterus – the realm of the living virus, Maia quickly points out. “How do we get home with no magic?” she asks – none of the party’s previous abilities or magical items seem to be functioning… not even the Sword of Venta. Both Rulissa and Balthasar were lost in the explosion. Quarlius points to the tower. The tower of Anterus he calls it. It’s as good a place as any to start.

Maia’s resistance to the cold gives her ample time to spend the journey to the tower questioning what they have wrought. She is desperate for news of the friends they left behind, and can only focus on getting back to Karris’Mhor as quickly as possible. She quickly becomes tiresome.

Faith collapses due to the cold on the way to the tower, so Maia carries him. He is large and heavy for a dragonborn, but Maia has little trouble in lifting him. As they approach, they see that the tower is made of ice and that a purple beam of energy shooting out of the top, 1000 ft up. This beam is what is making the the horizon pink. There is a powerful artefact powering this, a mythal, says Quarlius. Such a thing could only be made by an eladrin high mage.

As they approach, the party hear a grinding and scraping noise. An ornate gateway draws itself in front of us in the ice. Gate swings open and a man composed of ice walks out. He has eladrin features. He introduces himself as Haestes, and bids them welcome.

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