Prophet and Loss: Iourn Timeline

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With the restart of the Prophet and Loss campaign almost upon it, it’s time to remind everyone of where the campaign sits in the wider Iourn timeline. So here are all the major events of the campaign in chronological order, with a few other occurances that hopefully put everything in context. And no, we still haven’t caught up with the Hand that Rocks the Cradle timeline. Soon. Soon…

The timeline primarily uses the Urova calendar as that’s what most of the players are used to. Hadradan dates are given in parenthesis.

Zephday, 45 Ember Eve 204 LE (Ekamon’cin, 45 Aviember 1325 AC)

Alarius uses the Gift of Ysberyl to give the people of the Great Dark hope. As a result the blight is destroyed and the Enceinte falls. The forces of Karatath are now free to move to the Northern World. [Game of Souls campaign, session 40].

Vítday, 1 New Year 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 1 Arabeeth 1326 LE)

The Chosen of Narramac are charged with raising a league of light, a grand alliance to face Karatath in the coming war. [League of Light campaign, session 1].

Terday, 2 Scatterseed 205 LE (Vanda’cin, 2 Ésay 1326 AC)

Assassination of Hadradan Emperor Vintavius. Calguru becomes the emperor-in-waiting and is crowned in a lavish ceremony six days later. [discovered in League of Light campaign session 105].

Sunday, 28 Scatterseed 205 LE (Sun’cin, 28 Ésay 1326 AC)

Enormous battle in the Astral Plane, a great alliance of githzerai, clerics of the Arcanum Incognita, and the Chosen of Narramac succeed in defeating the Githyanki Lich Queen and reopening the plane’s borders. [League of Light campaign, session 69].

Caladay, 32 Scatterseed 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 32 Ésay 1326 AC)

With the support of Mortis, Khargan Batukhan of the Maldomoori and the once-gods Alluvian and Dracanish repair the Soulways, redirecting them through the Shadowfell. Othea, the Queen of Ravens, becomes shepherdess of the Dead. The Erewhoi cease to exist. [League of Light campaign, session 78].

Morday, 34 Scatterseed 205 LE (Timani’cin, 34 Ésay 1326 AC)

Lokan Kalharn, Kiplex, Malcus, Elleya and Zin arrive in Junos. [League of Light campaign, session 117].

Sharday, 47 Scatterseed 205 LE (Cassiah’cin, 47 Ésay 1326 AC)

An earthquake strikes the island of Angleburg in the Sasheenie Sea, opening up access to dangerous caverns beneath the island. [revealed in Prophet and Loss campaign, session 15]

Sunday, 49 Scatterseed 205 LE (Sun’cin, 49 Ésay 1326 AC)

The Second Battle of Pesh. Orcus escapes Barathrum, and Asmodeus is ‘destroyed’. The changelings are forced back to Pandemonium. [League of Light campaign, session, session 103]

Zephday, 10 Firststeps 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 10 Callabron 1326 AC)

Death of Cezallatānshae and the Jabberwork. Karatath’s hold over the Land of Dreams is disrupted. The Vikallians and the elves of the Greymere join the League of Light. Raza is imprisoned in Shallambor. [League of Light campaign, session 116].

Caladay, 11 Firststeps 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 11 Callabron 1326 AC)

The Council of Korvast is held. [League of Light campaign, session TBA].

Vítday, 1 Gentle Days 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 1 Úsagar 1326 AC)

A vision of the future predicts Karatath’s main force will land on Belsinor’s Girdle on this day. [discovered in League of Light campaign, session 33].

Zephday, 17 Gentle Days 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 17 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Ariel, Durral, Eradina and Hector are released from the Immartis Pennetentiary by Wayfarer Thotik. They are given a mission to deliver a mysterious box in return for their freedom [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 1].

Caladay, 18 Gentle Days 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 18 Úsagar 1326 AC)

The party discover they are transporting a Sashelan Seeing Stone, and they see a vision of the destruction of Daukoth. The stone is returned to the sea-elf Amendra. The group then battle the demon Ravnos. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 2].

Morday, 20 Gentle Days, 205 LE (Timani’cin, 20 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Ariel, Durral, Eradina and Hector confront Thotik over their mission. They are told that someone in the Sasheenie is collecting artefacts that foretell the future. They agree to help Thotik. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 2].

Morday, 34 Gentle Days 205 LE (Timani’cin, 34 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Having found a new lead, Thotik sends Hector and Durral to rendezvous with The Barracuda. Durral immediately reads the secret correspondence he is entrusted with. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 4].

Morday, 41 Gentle Days 205 LE (Timani’cin, 41 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Montes, Jumah and Talon arrive on Taratega. Montes is mistaken for noted thief Don Spiritus, and employed by Antoine DeTrois to steal a necklace from pirate captain Eleyna MacBride. The party betray DeTrois and side with MacBride leading to an upleasent encounter with DeTrois’s employer: a sahuagin priest. [Prophet and Loss campaign, sessions 3-4].

Sunday, 42 Gentle Days 205 LE (Sun’cin, 42 Úsagar 1326 AC)

MacBride’s ship, The Barracuda, sails from Taratega. Montes, Jumah and Talon are now part of the crew. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 4].

Vítday, 43 Gentle Days 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 43 Úsagar 1326 AC)

The Barracuda rendezvous with The Endurance. Durral and Hector join the ship and the party. They are all now en route to the island of Kalindon to find the wreck of the Tomfoolery and the statue of the Weeping Emperor Ocheeb that it carried. Thotik hopes they can get there before the sahuagin. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 4].

Terday, 44 Gentle Days 205 LE (Vanda’cin, 44 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Landfall on the wrecks that surround the Bitter Shoals. Montes has a nasty fall – something to do with giant crabs. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 4].

Zephday, 45 Gentle Days 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 45 Úsagar 1326 AC)

Montes is restored by local healer Shantalah, and the party investigate the main town on the island discovering much about the arrangement between the village elders and the pirate captain Balmec, the lighthouse and the beast of Kalindon. Jumah gets jiggy with a local girl named Dori. After lunch the party battle the beast (an owlbear) and head to the lighthouse to speak to the keeper, Antonus Zerif. He is revealed to be an undead menace, and is eventually put down by the party. [Prophet and Loss campaign, sessions 5-7].

Caladay, 46 Gentle Days 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 46 Úsagar 1326 AC)

From the lighthouse, the party spy sahuagin arriving on Kalindon. They then return to the village and meet with chief elder Jonos, the seductive Elise (assumed to be a spy for Balmec) and Allie, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Montes tries to negotiate acquisition of the missing statue, but Jonos says that it is in Balmec’s hands. Discussions go south and the party are forced to battle (and kill) the town gendarmerie. After order is restored, Elise agrees to take the party to Balmec’s hide-out and hopefully recover the statue. Shantalah blesses them. [Prophet and Loss campaign, sessions 7-9].

Sharday, 47 Gentle Days 205 LE (Cassiah’cin, 47 Úsagar 1326 AC)

The party arrive at Balmec’s secret cove HQ and discover that the pirates are unkillable due to a bargain made with Umberlee. Hiding in a large pyramid (which has a connection to the shadow plane) they find a conch that symbolises the bargain Balmec made. The Fortunate Son arrives with prisoners from the village, although Balmec is immediately distracted by the theft of the conch and the appearance of sahuagin. After many discussions and fights with the undying pirates and the sea devils, Durral smashes the conch causing Umberlee’s magic to be undone. The pirates are transformed into hideous undead creatures and the sea claims them. But the Statue of Ocheeb is revealed as a fake. [Prophet and Loss campaign session 9-14].

Morday, 48 Gentle Days 205 LE (Timani’cin, 48 Úsagar 1326 AC)

The party return the liberated islanders to their village. Jumah is married to Dori in a service conducted by Montes, and promises to send her to his palace in Jahalabah to live with all his other wives. Knowing that the fake statue of Emperor Ocheeb was sold my a merchant called Lychelle of Angleburg, The Barracuda departs on the evening tide for that island. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 14].

Vítday, 1 Brightday 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 1 Antovius 1326 AC)

Birth of Elias’s second child. Death of Alessandre. [campaign TBA, session TBA]

En route to Angleburg, the party spy a sea-elf being pursued by three great white sharks. They rescue her, but Jumah is killed in the battle. He awakens en route to the underworld, where a death giant Motorri extorts from him a promise to seek out the missing goddess Naefaetarin in return for returning to the land of the living. Meanwhile, the sea-elf is introduced to Montes, Durral and Talon as Museio and tells the party that she has seen a force of sahuagin plotting to attack Angleburg and retrieve something called the Stone Which Abides. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 14].

Terday, 2 Brightday 205 LE (Vanda’cin, 2 Antovius 1326 AC)

Jumah retreives his body and is taken to Angleburg by Captain Balmec and the Fortunate Son. He arrives just as The Barracuda docks, and at the same moment as a vicious attack by the sahuagin: town guards, pirates and the party unite to drive them off. The party are introduced to Pierwarden Marley Rinnow (daughter of the Potentate who rules here). She explains the island has been beset by sahuagin-trouble since an earthquake two months ago. Jumah informs the others of his resurrection, and tells his eidolon Mazin El-Kahir of his great new quest. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 15].

Zephday, 3 Brightday 205 LE (Ekamon’din, 3 Antovious 1326 AC)

The party in Angleburg meet with the Potentate. Montes gains leave to investigate Lychelle, who apparently died in a cave-in while excavating caverns opened up by the recent earthquake. Talon sends a message to his home to report one of Balmec’s crew (Irduin) was trained as a magus like himself. Jumah books passage for Dori to Jahalabah. The party investige Lychelle’s shop and meet her father, Ulogor. It seems the statue was dragged out of the back into a creepy house. The inside of the house is painted as a giant moving fresco, and Jumah, Talon and Montes are drawn into the painting where sahuagin cultists are worshipping the Abyssal Lord Dagon. Durral leads the local guard into the house to rescue his friends. Montes begins his inexplicable suspicion of guardsman Bertram, shortly before the guard’s house explodes. Montes requests to exhume Bertram’s mother. Why? The party continues their investigations into the sahuagin and Lychelle. Jumah discovers the sahuagin are using the sewers to gain access to the town. That night, the sahuagin attack Angleburg in force and the party help defend the town. Two thugs try to rough up Montes in a dark alley. He kills them. After the fighting is over Elise suggests to Durral that they seek out the Witch of the Waves to remove the curse Captain Balmec has placed upon them. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 15-18].

Caladay, 4 Brightday 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 4 Antovious 1326 AC)

Bertram’s mother’s body is exhumed. The explosives that destroyed Bertram’s house are traced to a local alchemist called Remeldus, but it is his young assistant Delilah Tyde who tried to kill Bertram. She blames Bertram and other guards for the disappearance of her brother Salish, who was going to inform on them for petty corruption. Montes feels vindicated, and shops for equipment to follow Lychelle’s ill-fated expedition. Digging after Lychelle takes a long time. Jumah swims around the island looking for another way into the tunnels and sees a huge force of sahuagin and a summoned demon (a hezrou). Jumah tries to stop them but the hezrou attacks and destroys Kahir, ripping the eidolon from his body. The other party members join the guard in defending the town. Durral asks for help from the local blackcloak, Merry, who raises an undead army to oppose the Sahuagin. The demon is heading to assassinate the potentate, but the party intercede and Talon eventually manages to kill the monster. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 18-21].

Sharday, 5 Brightday 205 LE (Cassiah’cin, 5 Antovius 1326 AC)

After a long rest and slap-up lunch the party descend into Lychelle’s tunnels in the early afternoon. They find a number of dead bodies (all members of Lychelle’s party) but they do not find Lychelle herself. The party find Delilah’s brother Salish, who is a cursed lycanthropic seawolf. Earning his trust, Salish reveals that the sahuagin were in the tunnels but left earlier today, presumably having found what they were after. Heading into the lowest levels, the party find a weird and alien city of considerable age. There was something down here, presumably the Stone that Abides, but now it is gone. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 21-23].

Morday, 6 Brightday 205 LE (Timani’cin, 6 Antovious 1326 AC)

Returning to the main town in Angleburg the party report to the Potentate. They are not expecting any more trouble from the sahuagin. The real statue of the Weeping Emperor Ocheeb is found by tiefling shopkeeper Calamedes in a backstreet in town and taken to his shop. Excessively puzzled, the party liberate it for Thotik. Talon receives a message from his family calling him home to Elrathis to speak about Irduin. Jumah mistakenly books passage on The Barracuda for Dori, and hires a bodyguard to go with her to Jahalabah. [Prophet and Loss campaign, session 23].

Sunday, 7 Brightday 205 LE (Sun’cin, 7 Antovius 1326 AC)

The Barracuda leave the island of Angleburg and heads south to take the statue of the Weeping Emperor Ocheeb to Daukoth.

Caladay, 11 Brightday 205 LE (Saladun’cin, 11 Antovius 1326 AC)

The Barracuda arrives at Taratega, and the party divides. Dori and her masked protector search for a boat to take them north to Jahalabah. Meanwhile, Talon bids a temporary farewell to his companions as he returns to Elrathis. Durral, Hector, Jumah and Montes continue south with Captain MacBride.

Morday, 13 Brightday 205 LE (Timani’cin, 13 Antovius 1326 AC)

Captain MacBride orders the Barracuda to pursue a heavily laden trading vessel. Both ships fall into an bizarre hole in the ocean and plummet to the sea bed. The pirate ship cannot be salavaged. The crew of the other ship are revealed as Hadradans from Mandatum Veritatas led by Prelate Orrax Dandanaeo and Castellan Morikai Gargano who are transporting sixty orphans for indoctrination. As the crews bicker Jumah, Durral, Montes and Elsie follow a passage that has opened up. They travel to a temple of Yeathani where the cleric, Isker, has called for their help. His clergy disturbed something terrible in the Shadow Plane and now he wants to pass on the knowledge of the temple and dire warning of the future. Fleeing the tenebrous worm that erupts from Isker’s body the party return to the ships and float back to the surface on the Hadradan vessel. Both crews are now adrift on broken ship. [Prophet and Loss campaign, sessions 24-25].

Vítday, 17 Brightday 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 17 Antovius 1326 AC)

Talon arrives in Elrathis and meets with his mentor, Sadron.

Vítday, 43 Brightday 205 LE (Elyas’con, 43 Antovius 1326 AC)

Dori arrives in Jahalabah.

Morday, 48 Brightday 205 LE (Timani’cin, 48 Antovius 1326 AC)

A vision of the future predicts Karatath’s forces will land unopposed at Kannalas in Norandor, Heliobar in Junos and Palidines in Sorostrae. [discovered in League of Light campaign, session 33].

Vítday, 1 Suntask 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 1 Khayember 1326 AC)

It is the sixteenth birthday of Queen Caemlia of the city-state of Alotha in the Cradlelands. During the celebrations, she is brutally murdered. In the absence of the court wizard, the career politician Orsik Corundum guides the coutry. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, session 1].

Vítday, 1 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Elyas’cin, 1 Sharif 1326 AC)

Cyr Kallaine, Alrik Gunlaugsson, Will Docket, Ennui, Nebble de Chesiré, Thornval Stormshield and the inimitable Bane are shipwrecked on the goblin-infested island of Ao-Rach. They have no memory of the past month. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, session 1].

Sharday, 5 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Cassiah’cin, 5 Sharif 1326 AC)

After escaping Ao-Rach, the Cradlelands party are back on the mainland in the village of Dardellon. They encounter prophecies regarding the end of the world, the extraplanar Abeyance of Cold Flesh, and a evil cult known as the Aastercorians. They also discover dragonborn returning to Iourn – being born in the bodies of humans. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, sessions 5-8].

Zephday, 10 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 10 Sharif 1326 AC)

The Cradlelands party discover that Queen Camelia is dead, and that they are the killers. They travel to Dymon’s Farr to find out the truth and get caught up in a mobster’s scheme to sell a group of elven fortune-tellers to the sahuagin. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, sessions 9-12].

Zephday, 17 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 17 Sharif 1326 AC)

On the road to Alotha, Alrik and Nebble are arrested. The other PCs head into the city to commence their investigations. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, session 13].

Morday, 20 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Timani’cin, 20 Sharif 1326 AC)

The Cradlelands party arrives in Aloth and makes contact with Nymphaea Vyrn. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, session 19].

Sharday, 26 Lollmeadow 205 LE (Ekamon’cin, 24 Sharif 1325 AC)

The Cradlelands party discovers that Queen Camelia is still alive. They affect a rescue, and it is accepted that they were dominated by aberrant Aastercorians during the original attack on the Queen. The motives of the Aastercorians and their obsession with quintessence (the tangible manifestation of Fate’s tapestry) is yet to be revealed. [Hand that Rocks the Cradle campaign, sessions 20-27].

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