Pathfinder House Rule Summary

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It’s taken be a little long to put everything together, but please see below for a PDF compilation of all the Pathfinder house rules that we’ve been discussign over the last few months. This is the version I aim to print out and bring to the gaming table. It’s the first time that all the house rules have been together in one place, and it’s quite exciting to see it finished.

Current version: 1.2

Version History:

  • 1.1 (24/01/2013): original upload
  • 1.2 (06/03/2013): lists of domain spells updated to include material from Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic.

To reiterate: the purpose of this exercise was remove as many house rules from the game as we could. The document is still 98 pages long but the bulk of that is specific material for the Iourn setting like gods and spell lists. There’s actually very few house rules in there, and I’m quite proud of that.

So please have a look through and tell me what you think. There have been a few small changes from the posts I’ve added to the blog. The changes to the way divine spellcasters gain new spells meant that druids, rangers and paladins needed a mention as well as clerics. The changes to the cleric domains also affected druids with domains. There are some more druid archetypes. I’ve decided to stick with the rules-as-written when it comes to teleportation spells, and the house-rules around summoning spells have been cut to a bare minimum.

The document also refers to something called the “Conversion Catalogue” which will be my next project. I intend to start converting old third edition material into Pathfinder. That won’t kick off until later in the year, after the Spell Filter is updated to my satisfaction.

Got to the Pathfinder: The New Deal index

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