Instinctive Spellcasting – The Finale

Okay. We’re nearly there. The results of the voting on the previous two blog entries give us the following results:

  • Instinctive characters will use a Spell Point system that will renew after each encounter.
  • We will use my Rounded Spell Levels total to determine how many different spells instinctive casters can know.
  • Instinctive casters can overcast their spells – this will drain their Constitution score.
  • We will use the standard spell lists and not use Words of Power.

Those results bear a little explanation and possible modification depending on the comments and the vote below:

Regarding Words of Power: The vote between those who wanted to use the Words of Power rules, and those that did not, is tied. Bearing in mind that not everyone who plays instinctive casters has voted, I have decided to err in favour of the status quo. BUT because there seems a fair interest in Words of Power I propose that we test it in game and see how well it flows. I’m not sure when exactly, but perhaps when the weekly game recommences, or the next weekend game.

Regarding Overcasting: Constitution damage was the favourite approach by far, but questions were asked over whether Constitution was the most appropriate ability score. I am therefore wondering if many of you thought Ability Damage was best solution, and voted for Con Damage because that was the only option on offer. So here’s another poll which offers a more specific choice. When you vote imagine the process of casting instinctive magic. Is it draining to the mind or the body? Do sorcerers who overcast burst blood vessels, or are they dazed by the experience?

And there we have it. Thanks very much to everyone who has taken the time to thrash this out.

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