Pathfinder House Rules

Hello all. It’s been a while since my last post. During that time, I’ve been concentrating on getting the new rules in run-fit shape, as well as doing an untold amount of slightly more annoying things. For those of you following my exciting adventures in roleplaying from a distance, it’s time to get you all up to date:

The Iourn campaign has moved from third edition D&D (version 3.5) into Pathfinder. My weekly, and my twice-yearly campaign, are now using these rules. Both are at entirely different ends of the player-power spectrum so it’ll be interesting to compare how successful they are mechanically. Because I am an inveterate fiddler (when it comes to rules, at least) the campaigns also make use of a medley of house rules – many of which have already been discussed on this site.

I’m now posting the latest versions of all these rules to the blog for wider edification and comment. I doubt I’ll add any further PDF updates here, as I’m trying my best to get them into a format a can upload to the new I’m hoping to have that site ready before next Spring. I can dream.

However, I do have some rule-related matters that I intend to discuss on the blog in the fairly near future. I’m also working on an updated version of the Swashbuckler class for Pathfinder that I’d like to run past everyone.

The New Rules

Below are links that will take you to PDF copies of my house rules. Please use the comments below to leave your thoughts if you feel so inclined.

Rules Miscellany

Character Classes




Cleric Domains (Excel)

Cleric Domain Power




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