It’s been a couple of months since the last post, and I thought the seven people who are continuing to follow the blog may want to know where things stand. At the moment I’m continuing to work on the new magic systems, drawing together many of the rules we have been discussing over the last couple of years. I’m more or less on course, although there’s still a fair amount to do.

So here are my current projects and expectations of when they might be finished:

February 2011

In February I’ll a document containing the new and revised magic system to this blog. If there’s time, I’ll also be running a few low-level Pathfinder games around this time to test it out. The document will include following:

  • Explanation of the magical weave on Iourn, and how spellcasters draw powers for their magic.
  • The refined mechanics for Acquired casters (recharge magic) and Instinctive casters (languor checks). We’ve discussed these rules on the blog before; they remain essentially the same but have been tweaked to work in the context of third edition D&D as opposed to HD&D.
  • Descriptions of the six magical traditions: Arcane, Divine, Pact, Primal, Psionic and Song. Casters in each of these traditions share new mechanics that should make each approach to magic feel special and unique.
  • Many spells published in the third edition PHB are being revised. Largely these are the same spells that Pathfinder revised, but I’m revising them slightly differently. Summoning, Polymorph and Teleportation spells are the ones I’m specifically looking at.
  • There will be new spells (mainly new 0-level spells) added to the game.
  • There will be a number of new feats that play off the new magic system. These will include new mechanics for the way Divine Feats work, as well as feats that help Acquired casters overcome some of the limitations of their craft (such as Favoured Spells).
  • There will also be some revised class abilities, where those abilities play off the new magic system. I’m looking at the druid’s Wildshape particularly, to bring it in line with the new rules for Polymorph. It won’t be a debilitating change, so don’t panic.
  • There will also be new classes. I’m specifically looking at classes and prestige classes that the characters in the League of Light campaign have acquired. I’m going to check over classes such as the Divine Servitor, Templar, Warshaper and Spellsword to make sure that are suitably ‘Pathfindery’.
  • If there’s time you may see a new version of the Warlock as well. But I make no promises.

Hopefully, by posting the document to the blog many of you will find the time to read it. At the time I will urge you to take a firm interest in the way the proposed changes are affecting your character.

April 2011

During Roleplaying Retreat VII we will convert the existing PCs from D&D 3.5 into Pathfinder – or rather into the version of Pathfinder that we’re going to be using. We won’t be adopting Pathfinder whole-cloth as there are aspects of it that are still a bit rubbish in my view.

As I’m taking some Pathfinder rules, some third edition rules and some of the rules we developed for HD&D and squashing them all together, I suspect there could be some confusion over what applies. The only thing I really want to finish before the retreat is the magic system, everything else – including the way we deal with Concentration checks and Attacks of Opportunity – can be fleshed out at the retreat. My view is that we don’t need either, but I’m willing to be guided on that.

I had originally intended to upload all the rules to the Iourn site before the retreat. Realistically, that’s not going to happen before April, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

Winter 2011

By the end of this year (or whenever the current Star Wars game has run its course) I’ll be back running a weekly D&D game with whatever rules we’ve managed to up with in the meantime. More on that nearer the time.

As for the blog, it will continue to be somewhere we can get together and discuss new rules: both the magic system that you’ll see in about  a month or so as well as all the other smaller changes that are coming out of RRVII in April. So bear with me, I’ll let you know when new content appears.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. i believe Raza as a class is ready for kick-off for Pathfinder…i am just waiting on decision on spell resistance which i am still not happy with alternative suggestion…

  2. Of course, Raza is the only character that is ready to go. Spell Resistance is such a peripheral part of the magic system that we can thrash it out in April. Personally, I see it as an unnecessary complication to spell casting. It places an unnecessary penalty on spellcasters – especially PC spellcasters. But we can have this discussion later.

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