Design Call: Website Logos

No new rules today, just an appeal for assistance.

I am starting to put together the third version of the Iourn website, and I am looking for some new logos to jazz it up, and make it look slightly less amateurish. While I could spend hours bashing away at Paint Shop Pro in the hope of turning out something half-decent, I’m sure that any number of you could do a much better job in about an eighth of the time.

So I’m asking for help. A design call to come up with a new doody logo in GIF or JPEG format. Or more specifically, a number of logos – as each of the various sub-sites of will require one.

What we currently have

At present there is one unique logo on and it is this one:

I made this about five years ago. The font is Morpheus, which can be downloaded for free from here. The image taking the place of the “O” is the holy symbol of the god, Io. A large version of that image can be found on the Wizards website. I’ve always been fairly pleased with how the logo turned out, although I could probably have done with emboldening the font before saving it as an image.

However, I’m not wedded to the idea of using an updated version of this logo if any of you can come up with a better idea. I’d be so thrilled by anyone taking any interest in this at all that probably accept pretty much anything.

What we need

The site is going to need quite a few unique logos to mark the six of the seven website sections. I’ll be keeping an archive of all the third edition house rules and material that’s currently online as the D&D part of the website, but that can just use the standard third edition “Dungeons and Dragons” logo as it does now. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Top Level Gateway

Just as now, heading to takes you to a top level site from which you can drill down to all the various available subsections and sub-sites. I need a logo for this portion of the site. At the moment, I have a teacosy. This is a holdover from the time the site could be found at That site’s no longer live, by the way.

As the site is now called, I would imagine we need to see the word “Iourn” somewhere in the logo. But it needs to be distinct from logo we have for the Iourn section itself. Perhaps it could be called the “Iourn Gateway” or “Iourn Hub”? I have no firm preferences.


As discussed above.


The HD&D section will probably need a few logos. I’ve had a thought that the logo could be based along the old 1st and 2nd edition logos for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, as so:

The word “Advanced” would be replaced with the word “Hybrid”.  That could look quite good on the website, and in any accompanying HD&D literature that I print for the sessions. And I’m sorry I haven’t found particularly good images of the two examples above, but I’m sure you get the idea.

I would also require a second logo in the same general design of the first that simply says “HD&D”.


Marc’s current 4e campaign setting needs its own logo. Unless of course Marc has created one in secret?


Jack’s AD&D/third edition setting will also require something.

FBI Evidence Response

Various options here for the old CoC game. Something incorporating the official FBI logo would be welcome. As far the text goes it could say “FBI Evidence Response” or “The Grey Case Files” or “COUNTINT-AN-R3 CODENAME BRAILLE”…. or indeed any combination of the three.

The Technical Bit

All the logos are designed to fit into a space on the website that is about 480 pixels long by 110 pixels high. Therefore anything in a length:height ratio of about 4:1 would be suitable for the purpose.

The background colour behind each of the logos will be white, unless you choose to colour it differently.

The HD&D logo (as opposed to the longer “Hybrid Dungeons and Dragons” logo) can be of any dimensions, as long as it is square.

Finally, every update to the site in the What’s New or similar section is going to be demarcated with a small image that relates to each website section. The image is only going to be about 50 × 50 pixels in size. Therefore each of the main logos needs have have a corresponding 50 × 50 image that is thematically similar to the larger logo, and easily identified as something that is derrived from it. If this is too tricky I could simply colour-code the entries, but I wanted to give the image route a try first.

Any Takers?

Obviously, this is a little diffrerent from the various design calls of the past. Any help would be especially welcome, as this is not even remotely my area of expertise. The first of the new sites to go live will be the Karris’Mohr one (probably in July). That will be followed by the HD&D site later in the year, with the others trailing along at some point in 2011. Although I could very quickly convert Hurssia if the opportunity presented itself.

Karris’Mohr is therefore the priority if anyone wants to have a stab.



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