Poll: Magic!

Earlier this month I posted my initial thoughts on Magic in HD&D. That led to some frank and forthright discussion regarding my solution to the thorny issue of spellcasting, namely Recharge Magic. This prompted a longer and more detailed post on Recharge Magic itself, where I attempted (successfully or unsuccessfully: you decide) to justify the need for the new system, and mollify any concerns that it was a bit crap.

Recharge magic is designed to be the default magic system used by all spellcasters who have to learn their powers. This means that wizards, clerics, druids, psions, sonorists, bards, rangers, healers and paladins would uses Recharge Magic. Those character classes who were born with an innate talent for spell use and never had to apply themselves, fell into the category of instinctive casters: sorcerers, mystics and wilders fall into this category.

Now my ideas for Instinctive Casters are far more woolly. I had four broad ideas that I asked you to have a look at and comment upon. Some of these ideas were a fairly radical departure from the sorcerer we knew. Others were pretty tame. Frankly, I need some guidance as the best way to proceed.

A Call to Arms!

Which brings us to not one poll, but two. I think I can say without fear of hyperbole that these are the most important polls we’ve run for HD&D to date. The magic system represents an enormous amount of time and hard word. We can’t really afford to get it wrong.  I don’t have the time to develop the magic system twice.

So please read once more the section on Magic and Recharge Magic, acquaint yourself with the arguments for and against and then cast your vote in the following poll:

And now, having voted in the above poll it’s time to vote again. This time have a look at the post on Instinctive Magic. How do you want to handle the magical powers of sorcerers? Now is the time to make your views known!

As always if you don’t want any of my ideas, please tell me your own. I’m putting magic to one side for a few weeks, but I will be returning to it by the end of May when I start considering the spells themselves. By then we need a definitive answer on this.

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