Poll: Spellcraft and Spellcasting

For those of you who haven’t been following the discussion in the Knowledge and Magic Skills thread, here’s a brief summary for you.

The proposed mechanic for casting magic is to make a roll on Spellcraft, using your ranks in Spellcraft or your ranks in a related Knowledge skill (whichever is less). Different magical traditions use different related knowledge skills, e.g. Draconic for wizards, Religion for clerics and Nature for druids. This different related knowledge skill is our primary means of differentiating between different spellcasting traditions.

Daniel has taken two issues with this. Firstly, he says that the knowledge skills I have pegged to various spellcasting traditions aren’t justified in the history of Iourn as he understands it. Secondly, he thinks the mechanic a bit clumsy. Now he has a point on both counts, but it’s his second comment I’d like to dwell on here. I’m not particularly attached to this mechanic and, although it looks as though it might work, I can see that it might make for some fiddly recalculation during the game. Daniel was also keen to draw a line between knowledge skills and spellcasting, but still have something that (e.g.) gave a wizard a different skill set to a cleric.

The solution that Jon came up with is quite elegant and, like all the best ideas, absolutely obvious once someone has said it. Instead of pegging different knowledge skills to Spellcraft, why not simply have different flavours of spellcraft? Imagine Spellcraft (arcane), Spellcraft (divine), Spellcraft (pact), Spellcraft (primal) and so on. This represents the spellcasting tradition of a particular class or group of classes. It divorces the spellcasting from the ‘book-learning’ – although knowledge skills could still play a role as prerequisites for certain talents.

Does this penalise multi-class characters? No, not really. Under my first proposal a character who knows how to cast spells from two different traditions (such as Elias, who can cast sorcerer and paladin spells) would need to max-out Spellcraft and two knowledge skills, now he needs to max-our two Spellcraft skills and he can take the knowledges if he wants to. To me, this looks to be a change for better.

So, let’s put it to the vote. Read the thread for yourselves and then vote in the poll below:


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