Poll: Racial Modifiers to Ability Scores

And here we are with our second poll, which is the product of much useful and fevered discussion over in the Character Races thread. By way of summary:

All player character races get +2 to two of their ability scores. My initial proposal is that for all non-human races that +2 is applied to a prescribed ability score. Dragonborn, for example, get +2 to Strength and +2 to Charisma regardless of the role the player wants the character to fill. Humans got to choose where to apply their bonuses.

James (DH) suggested that all races be given the same freedom as humans. Mechanically, this has some advantages. But is it a route we want to go down? Go to the thread and inform yourself. Primed with this knowledge and your newly formed opinion please vote in the poll below:


2 thoughts on “Poll: Racial Modifiers to Ability Scores

  1. in dnd world, humans are classified as the most versatile race there is…the breed like rabbits, populate every corner of the world, and they can adapt to any environment….

    humans are special…with such a short life span, they strive to achieve so much more than most races…and therefore the flexibility of attributes to race should give whole to humans alone…

    racial stereotype in dnd world applies to non-humans in particular…that is why they exist…else there will only be one race

    i could be convinced with the one +2 prescribed ability score…that is as far as ill go…imho

  2. This from Malcolm:

    How about each player decides which stat to use for which defense. You choose at the beginning, only one stat can be used for each defense. Each choice represents your fighting style or mental resistance, etc. NPCs don’t get to choose.

    We’re all bright people and could come up with explanations for why this happens but for those of us who are too lazy let’s just say it’s magic.

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