Poll: Defences and Ability Scores

There is plenty of discussion on this topic in the Making Characters, but I thought I would formalise things with my first great online poll. You should only be able to vote once, but I’m sure there are ways around that. Please don’t cheat!

To remind you all: we are trying to decide which attributes should be used to modify your defences in HD&D. There are three defences in the game:

Fortitude represents your resistance to fatigue, toxins and poisons.
Reflex represents your ability to get out of the way of danger.
Will represents your ability resist charms, compulsions and illusions.

My initial proposal was to use the fourth edition system: players could choose one of two ability scores to modify each defence. You could use Str or Con for Fortitude, Dex or Int for Reflex, and Wis or Cha for Will. This has not met with universal delight, as there is some disagreement around whether it is ever appropriate for Intelligence to modify your Reflex defence. Bear in mind that Reflex in HD&D fills the role that armour class did in previous editions of D&D.

If we say that Int can’t affect Reflex, then we can’t have more than one ability score influencing the other defences either. It’s a matter of consistancy, don’t you know. Therefore we are left with two choices: do we do it the fourth edition way, or the third edition way?

To remind you, in third edition each defence (they were called saving throws back then) was modified by a prescribed ability score: Con for Fortitude, Dex for Reflex and Wis for Will.

Read the original discussion to inform yourself further, and then please vote below:

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